I have a qip account. How do I add it?

– Click “QIP” in the menu “Add/Configure Accounts” – Enter an account name of your choice (for example, “My Account”) – Enter your full login on the server (For example, [email protected]) – Enter the password to your account – Check the box “Save password” (optional) – Leave the fields “Server” […]

How to create a PGP key pair?

With the help of PGPTools you can create a new key pair without exiting the application. Please note that you can generate new keys for each message. Working with keys is easy if you label them with designations cognizable to you (Example: your partner John’s e-mail is [email protected] – name […]

How to decrypt e-mail or message?

To decrypt a message, simply insert your message into the upper block and select message decryption mode in the center of the screen “PGPMessage <> Message”. After pressing, the button will change its status to “Message <> PGPMessage”. Now you can select a key to decrypt the message from the […]

How to encrypt e-mail, message or letter?

To encrypt a message, you will need a Public key of the user whom you want to contact. This is easily done by selecting it from the list of keys in the upper left corner (“Select Key”). Once you have chosen your partner’s public key click “Convert” (Fig. 2.) An […]