How to encrypt SMS or Skype message?

With our app you can send an encrypted message the way convenient for you. You can encrypt text using PGPTools the same way you encrypt e-mail messages, and send them not just by mail, but also via Skype, Jabber, ICQ or SMS. To do this, simply copy the encrypted text […]

Why encrypt messages?

Depending on the type of their activity, almost everyone comes across encryption. It’s no secret that in today’s world, a great mass of information falls into the hands of 3rd persons to whom this information should not be available. Example. You are conducting business correspondence and agree upon some important […]

Why do I need PGP keys?

PGP keys are used to encrypt messages. Without PGP key pair the algorithm by which the whole encryption system runs will not work. We recommend using at least 2048-byte encryption keys.

What is the application used for?

PGPTools by SJ Software Development Group Limited for iOS, Android and WinPhone is used to encrypt your correspondence via e-mail, SMS, Skype, Jabber, ICQ and so on. PGPTools will be useful both for everyday correspondence via e-mail and for critical emails (invoice for payment, contracts, and so on). For iOS […]

How to register your account at

– In the menu “Add/Configure Accounts” click on our brand icon with the caption “SJ IM Secure Server” – Enter an account name of your choice (for example, “My Account”) – Enter your desired username in the field “Jabber ID” on our server (for example, [email protected]); be sure to specify […]

How to disable encryption?

  – Open the chat window with the person for whom you want to stop the encrypted session – In the upper right corner select the “Lock” icon – In the window that appears, select “Disable the encryption”  

How do I enable encryption OTR (Off-The-Record)?

– Choose a person with whom you want to enable the OTR encryption – In the upper right corner next to the “XML” icon, select the icon with the “Lock” – Select “OTR” (Off-The-Record) – Click “accept” – Wait while the person confirms your “Fingerprint”

How to configure the PGP encryption with other customers?

PGP encryption between SJ – SJ is adjusted automatically There are two ways of configuring PGP encryption with other clients in the SJ IM Automatic: – Choose a person with whom you want to configure the PGP encryption – Ask your conversation partner to send you a text message containing […]

How do I export my key pair to another device?

– In the main program window, click on our brand icon in the upper left corner – Select “PGP” – Enter a password for your key pair – Press “Export private key” – Press “Export public key” – Using selection, copy your keys and send them where you prefer