Settings of the OTR encryption

To enable the mode of the OTR encryption, tap the appropriate button (1) in the chat window of the program.   The window for entering the “secret key”, the text, which is known only to your interlocutor and you, will open.   At this moment your interlocutor will have to […]

PGPTools. User Guide

About program PGPTools is software designed to encrypt text messages sent from mobile devices via SMS, E-Mail, ICQ, Skype, Jabber, and other protocols and applications. The application is available for the following operating systems: Android (version 4 and above); Mac OS X; iOS (version 7 and above); Windows (Windows 8 […]

How to use the SJ Screen Saver

General view of the program. Select the program language. You can choose Russian or English language in the program settings. Select a language from the pulldown menu. Set up hot keys. In the settings you can select the convenient key combination for locking your computer and an emergency shutdown. You […]

What is SJ Screen Saver intended for?

SJ Screen Saver for Mac OS is a completely free application and everyone can download and install it. The application feature is very easy! SJ Screen Saver provides additional safety of your computer at that moment when you are not in place. SJ Screen Saver has a lot of options […]

Creating PGP Keys

After installation SJ offers you to create or import a pair of PGP keys. When you select “Create PGP key”, fill in: 1. Enter your name or nickname. 2. Enter your E-mail address (whatever, it’s required by PGP standard) 3. Choose PGP key length. The longer key gives the stronger […]

How to add a profile

The window of adding a profile will appear immediately after entering password to your newly created or imported PGP key. Select the connection type for your profile. Fill in the profile form. Enter the name of profile. Enter full jabber ID ([email protected]) If you need to register a new account […]

Checking the encryption work

To check up if the application works correct tap the XML. Choose the rightist button “XML”. It activates the console. You will see a blank screen and a single button in the upper left corner. Activate the button to enable XML mapping. You can continue chat with interlocutors. XML is […]

What is PGP?

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is encryption standard that was created by Phil Zimmermann in the distant 1991. This encryption standard allows you to encrypt and decrypt any data using PGP keys. PGP encryption standard allows you to work with text, files and other information. PGP has been generally recognized standard […]

What is OTR?

OTR (Off-the-Record) is protocol that is widely used to encrypt for the exchange of messages in XMPP networks, etc. The difference of this protocol from other encryption systems is that there is no identification of the encrypted message by signature of your interlocutor. The protocol was designed by Ian Goldberg […]