What is SJ IM?

SJ IM is a multiplatform XMPP client with inbuilt PGP and OTR encryption systems. SJ IM allows users to use PGP encryption standard in automatic (SJ – SJ) and semiautomatic (SJ – Others (XMPP client supports PGP)) modes. Our Jabber client is a powerful tool for encryption correspondence using XMPP […]

Import of existing PGP keys

To import existing PGP keys to iOS device, at first starting of program, tap “I already have a PGP key”. In the appeared window tap “Import keys from file” to import your key to iOS. After that your key will be imported into the system.

How can I export my keys from iOS?

To export your pair of keys to another device, to backup them or to use for other purposes: Go to the “Settings” Select “PGP” Tap “Copy key in the communication buffer” Please note! To transfer a pair of keys you must tap the buttons for both keys. Send your keys […]

What is PGP Files intended for?

PGP Files is an application for encryption and decryption files using PGP standard, with the opportunity of their further transferring via e-mail, physical data carriers or cloud services (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Disk , etc.).

How PGP Files works

For its work the application uses two types of keys: public and private. The public key is used to encrypt files and can be easily transferred by any available means. The private key is used to decrypt the file, its confidentiality is most critical for the safe exchange of information. […]

How to download

To install the application on your device, download it at one of the services, depending on the type of your operating system: Android If you use Android devices go to Google Play, find the application, make a purchase and make a standard installation of the Android application. iOS On devices […]

How to start

The free trial version for Windows platforms is available for 7 days. At the end of the trial period you will be prompted to buy the application. And also you can download the 30 day trial version for Windows 7 on the page of PGP Files.  

How to create your own key

To create a key go to Key Manager, tap the Create key. In the opened window fill in the form and tap Create: Key Name. Enter the name of the key. It will be used for mapping in the key manager. E-mail. Password. Enter the password to access the key. […]

How to import PGP key

To import a key go to Key Manager, tap the Import. There are two ways of importing keys: Import from the file. Tap the button Import from file and select the file that contains the key. Fill in the form and tap the Import: Key Name. Enter the name of […]