Sending Files by SJ IM iOS

For sending a file to the user keep “long push” JID which you need to send the file on. In appeared menu select the method of sending the file. Select “from where” you need to send a file. If you want to send a file to FTP fill in the […]

The Principle of Data Killer Work

Data Killer operates in two modes. Common Mode Device Mode allows work with a safety flash drive like with an ordinary flash storage device. Save information, carry in your pocket and all what you usually do with an ordinary flash drive. In common mode it works as a standard flash […]

Where Data Killer Is Produced

Data Killer is made (assembled) by Russian masters and has nothing general with China itself. First of all, it is motivated by the fact that the functionality of Data Killer is sufficiently specific for its manufacture by Chinese hands. The user of our device should be sure that at the […]

The Delivery Methods for Data Killer

We can deliver Data Killer everywhere all over the world! A large batch of devices is constantly located on the territory of Russia and after purchase can be delivered by The Post of Russia or Express delivery. Also the batch of devices is located on the territory of Ukraine and […]

Specifications of Data Killer

Data Killer has inbuilt specially designed 70 micro amps battery which allows safety flash drive to be in wait state more than half a year. During usage of Data Killer the battery is constantly recharged by computer and has full charge. Data Killer has 32 GB of capacity and it […]

How to Buy Data Killer

Please note that Data Killer is the custom-made unit in large quantities (100 pcs.) You need at first to connect with our support team for JID [email protected] or send a message using the form “Contact us” on the site. The discount is available only at a rate of 10 percent […]

Why Do You Need Data Killer?

Data Killer is safety USB flash drive which allows you to destroy by double click all stored data with a guarantee to recover them impossible. Data Killer is needed if you care about your data and you are used to be a mobile person who carries the all important data […]

Diceware Password Generator

An official release of our new software for Android and iOS  devices, which called “Diceware Password Generator”, has taken place today.   About application: Generate easy-to-remember passwords, using certain method. The ability to save the password to the database. Leave notes to each password! It works with 11 languages, including […]