Description of a chat window

Actions,connected with sending and reading omessages ,are carried out in the chat window (Picture 1).

Chat window can be opened by double click on a contact or by pressing the point  in the contextual menu of a contact, and also by pressing the pop-up with the text of the received message.

Picture 1

The main functional elements of a chat window:

  1. Jabber ID of a profile, which is active now
  2. Tabs (windows) of contacts, with which correspondence is carried out. They are closed by pressing the cross button.
  3. Text of the correspondence with a contact. The name of a contact and time of receiving/sending are marked by different colors. System messages are marked by gray color without name (sign *).
  4. Encryption status of messages and current session of correspondence.
  5. Choice of emoticons to fill in the text.
  6. Activationdeactivation of messages encryption
  7. To send a file by the aid of intermediate server
  8. Automatic sending a file via in an archive with a password containing 32 symbols*
  9. To show the data of a chosen contact from its VCard
  10. Edition of notes about a contact*
  11. Message history
  12. Text box for a message
  13. Sending button

* – only in Safety Jabber Premium

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