How to Buy Data Killer

Please note that Data Killer is the custom-made unit in large quantities (100 pcs.) You need at first to connect with our support team for JID [email protected] or send a message using the form “Contact us” on the site.

The discount is available only at a rate of 10 percent with a batch of more than10 units Data Killer and does not depend of any more! Pay your attention that it is a custom-made device and it has very expensive prime cost that is why 10 percent is the maximum discount for device.

To purchase Data Killer go to Buy


Fill out the form that you see on the picture. Make sure to select suited way for instant payment method. If you want make payment by Wire Transfer or other way, please, contact our support team.


Fill out the form where the devices will be delivered.


Pay your order.

When payment would be confirmed you receive all the details in the e-mail.

If you have any questions please connect with support team using JID [email protected] or form Contact us on the website or by phone.

Cyprus, Nicosia: +3-572-203-029-6
USA, New York: +1-646-760-567-7
Russia, Moscow: +7-499-918-649-0


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