Creating Jabber account

As you know, it is possible to have lots of accounts on different servers, which support jabber protocol, XMPP.

Accounts have form [email protected], in certain cases, only server IP-аddress is used.

Lots of public jabber-servers introduced a function of account registration via form on the site (automatic registration).

Great request: when registrating an account, be sure, that on the server, which you have chosen for registration,protection against automatic registration is off.

It’s easy to choose servers- there exist lots of public servers. You can visit this page to get more detailed information.

Also, you may use our 2 internal servers for registration,

Registration on our servers is open from the client.

Registration, adding a new account.

As the procedure of registration and new account addition are identical, let’s examen the process of new account registration.

Step 1. (Only for addition of accounts to already existent ones)
1.    Click the button «Menu».
2.    Choose the point «Profiles» (Picture 1).

Picture 1.

Step 2.
1.    Click the button «Add» (Picture 2).

Picture 2.

2.    Choose a name of an account and if it is a new one (Picture 3).
3.    If you want to register a new account, tick off «New profile».

Picture 3.

Step 3.

1.    Fill in the form (Picture 4.)

Picture 4.

2.    Click the button «ОК»

It’s really very easy!

After additing (registration) of a profile  it’ll appear in Safety Jabber roster.

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