How to use the SJ Screen Saver

General view of the program.


Select the program language.
You can choose Russian or English language in the program settings.


Select a language from the pulldown menu.
Set up hot keys.
In the settings you can select the convenient key combination for locking your computer and an emergency shutdown.


You can use a few keys together (for example: Shift + Alt + F10, etc.)
Please, note that the hot keys for activating screen saver and for emergency shutdown the computer must be different.
Change Password.
You can change the password for the screen saver unlimited number of times.


Setting the time of absence
You can set up the time interval of inactivity in seconds after which the screen saver will be automatically activated.


Settings the view of screensaver.
The program provides different views of screensaver:
1. Branded SJ screensaver
2. “Window of Death”
3. Splash screen from your computer (for example: children’s photo)

Note! Only branded SJ screensaver has the field for entering password. In other cases you will enter the password just straight on the background. (Do not forget the hot keys “Shift”, “Home”, “Delete”. This will help you to remove anything that was typed.)



Protection from explicit password guessing.
For presenting this feature the owner of computer has limited number of incorrect password entering.


You can set the time for re-entering the password and the number of attempts. Please, note that after violation of your established terms the computer will be turned off automatically.
It is recommended to watch the video tutorial of using the program. (Link)
P.S. You must be able to configure crypto disks on your computer by yourselves!

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