Importing PGP key

During the first start of the program you have to:
– Create a new key
– Import already existing PGP key


Picture 1

Be attentive: key import is available only during the first start of the program. Possibility of realization of this operation via the menu «Settings» is absent.

For key reimport into the installed program You have to:

1.    Close Safety Jabber program.
2.    Download any program for access to the concealed files Windows (Far, MC).
3.    Install and start one of these programs.
4.    By the aid of this program enter c://Documents and Settings/UserName/Local Settings/
where UserNameis a user, under which Safety Jabber program was installed.
In this catalog you’ll find the folder SJ.
5.    Delete the folder SJ

Having done these instructions, you may reimport keys.

The reason of these manipulations is in the fact that there is no need to import the key in the Settings of the working encryption.

Having chosen the point «Import already existing pair of PGP keys», you’ll see the dialog box

1.    Import from file.
2.    PGP secret key (Picture 2)

Picture 2

3.    Choose the convenient for you way of import

After this operation the program should offer you to enter a password for authorization.

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