Installing PGP Encryption with Other Customers

If your interlocutor has SJ you do not need to configure anything – all exchanges and settings will be happen automatically!
Setting PGP with other messengers that support PGP:
To set up a connection with other PGP messengers you must send your public key by hand.
For this action tap and hold your finger for a few seconds on the contact you want to set up PGP connection.

The menu of contact that will be appeared will be look like this:


Select the menu PGP Settings.

In the next menu select “Send my public key”
Your public key must appear in the chat window!
Tap to send.

In your turn you must ask the interlocutor to send his public key in message, and the program will sign it automatically!

After an exchange of keys a service message that encryption has been installed and working correctly will be showed.

In the main menu of the profile against the name of interlocutor will appear closed lock.

If you have any questions you can contact our support team JID [email protected]

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