Message history

To view message history, click the corresponding point (Picture 1) in the context menu of the necessary contact or the corresponding icon in a chat window.

Picture 1

The window of message will be opened (Picture 2)

Picture 2

In this window the following points are represented:

    1. Contact search box
    2. Search text box in the history of the chosen contact
    3. Name of a contact group
    4. Jabber ID of a contact
    5. dates, in which the correspondence with the chosen contact took place.

Parameters of text search in the history:

  1. search for the whole word
  2. take register of symbols in a word into consideration
  3. search in the whole history
  4. date diapason to display in search history
  5. found messages

Pay attention!
1. Because of usage of encryption algorithms, search and message representation in the history may take a lot of time (from several seconds). That’s why, before you change search parametres, wait for the end of reading and message output and be sure that sought-for text isn’t on the chosen parameters.

2. Also a number of messages in the history have influence upon delay in reading. In case of big delays in reading ,we recommend you to delete unactual files from the history.

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