Psi, Psi++ compatibility

Settings of the work with Psi Psi++!

AQ about settings of encrypted connection Safety jabber – Psi Psi++ is given further.
This scheme will work on any client, which supports OpenPGP.

Try to offer your interlocutor to install Safety Jabber!

If for any reason he doesn’t want to do this, follow the directions

Setting of connection Safety Jabber -> Psi, Psi ++ and other clients on the base of PGP.

Step 1.
1. Choose a contact, with which it is necessary to set secure connection.
2. Press the mouse right button on a contact (Picture 1).

Picture 1.

Step 2.
1. Choose in the drop-down menu PGP tab
2. Press the left mouse button on it (Picture 2)


Picture 2.

Step 3.
1. Choose “Send my public key”.
2.In the dialog box of Safety Jabber program you’ll see PGP key, which your interlocutor has to sign (Picture 3)

Picture 3.

3. Send your public key to the interlocutor.

Step 4. 
It is necessary to give the key to the interlocutor, with whom you are setting encrypted data line. You should have its PGP key for successful creation of connection. Mainly it is sent in an open form through a dialog box.
Having received your interlocutor’s key, you have to:
1. Press the right mouse button.
2. Choose PGP tab.
3. Choose the point of the menu «Assign a public key» (Picture 4)

Picture 4.

4. Put the interlocutor’s public key into the window.
5. Press the button «ОК»

Step 5.

Check if connection is encrypted by the sign in the dialog box.

If session is not encrypting

If session is encrypting

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