The Principle of Data Killer Work

Data Killer operates in two modes.

  • Common Mode

Device Mode allows work with a safety flash drive like with an ordinary flash storage device. Save information, carry in your pocket and all what you usually do with an ordinary flash drive.

In common mode it works as a standard flash drive and you could never think that in fact this device is capable to destroy data in split second at any moment.

  • Mode of Destruction

Destruction of the data is the main function of Data Killer. Exactly for this particular function it was designed.

Double-clicking an invisible button located at the top of the device discharges energy to the storage chip that in its turn increases the temperature of the chip and it completely burns out.

Pay your attention after double-clicking recovery of the data is not possible. During the research that the Russian Laboratory of Data Recovery RLab conducted on “Hacker” magazine’s request the data has not been restored after the destruction!

You can watch a video presentation showing how Data Killer works.

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